Welcome to the site of an IT computer technician

These pages are not updated so often, like I do. I try to keep up with the times and always improve and update myself both in my personal and professional life. Always renew, never stagnate! On these pages I expose what I do and some services that I offer.

“A Rolling Stone Never Gather Moss”:  it’s my motto.

contatti di Leonardo Marra tecnico informatico

If you are looking for quick information, you can find me at +39 351 638 6434 or via WhatsApp

What I do and what I offer

IT services of a broad-spectrum specialist technician

Leonardo Marra web designer padova
web designer

Web and Internet

Tecnico informatico

IT Technician

    • SSD Drive installation
    • RAM installation
    • Processor replacement
    • Replacement of HardDisk and components
    • Formatting and recovery
    • Advice on choices for a new computer
    • Data recovery
    • Installation of automatic backup systems
    • NAS Installation and Configuration
    • Virus protection
    • Decryption of infected files (Cryptolocker)
    • Troubleshooting connection problems
    • Corporate network installations
    • Home network installations
    • Replacement of Network devices
    • PowerLine installation
    • Wifi network signal amplification
    • Installation and Configuration of Modems and Routers
    • Email configuration
    • Network NAS configuration
    • Computer diagnosis and repairs
    • Installation of programs / drivers
    • Replacement of components (HDD, display, wireless cards, circuitry)
    • Mail Migration
    • Server, printer, workstation configurations
logo tecnico analogway

Video Technician

If you are looking for quick information, you can find me at +39 348 3144 704 or su WhatsApp

Servizi fotografici nikon d850

Video and Graphics

Servizi di traduzione ed interpretariato

Translations and Interpreting

There is also more!!!

Would you be interested?

Contact me!

You can find me on the phone / SMS, Whatsapp or by email

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